Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I promise I did not forget you dear blog of mine. I've just been REALLY busy! Last Tuesday B (my husband) informed me that I would be making a chair for his co-worker. We had talked about it, thought about plans, price, what not... he didn't just "inform" me the way I just made that sound, lol. This co-worker really wanted it done by Christmas and I didn't think there was any hope for that (with only 1.5 weeks before Christmas, a full weekend with no time for wood, and the little fact that I had never built a chair before!). BUT I actually pulled it off!  I put the finishing touches on last night, exactly one week from when I started it (insert big proud grin HERE)!

So, on to the details!! I gathered ideas and photos and kind of just did some work in my head. I can't draw or sketch or even write pretty, so all things stay in my head. I am crazy, madly obsessed with Ana White over at The bulk of my "plan" came from this crazy mod Ana plan. While the style was not quite what I was going for, it led me in the right direction. But this was the chair that was my true inspiration!

Isn't that a beauty?! I found it online, "Amish made" for a mear $219!! Want to know my cost? $30!!

So here are my photo's of this little chairs journey :)!

My outline for my cuts. I made it taller than the Ana plan, going for a more traditional look, I think I did 22 1/2 inches from the bend.

Here are my cut legs. Look good huh? But let me tell you, there was a LOT of sanding to get them even and looking this good!

Here is the back all laid out and read for lots of screws and glue!

A little while later...

Close up of the insides!

TONS of pocket holes! Thanks Kreg Jig!

Now, my one complaint with this chair... the wood filled pocket holes don't match the rest of the wood and it drives me CRAZY. B swears it doesn't matter... but hey, it was my first chair. You live, build, and learn.

Danish Oil is dry and ready to deliver (oil has Medium Walnut stain built in).

And I think this guy will make a great little Christmas gift.

What do you think!!!??? I hope no one loves it and wants say... 12 of them (mother) because these bad boys are time consuming!


  1. I think you did a fabulous job! I too love to build with wood and I am just starting to blog as well. I feel so behind the times. My blog is and it is rough at this moment, just learning. I eventually hope to put up the plans and photos of my husband and I building my studio. I will have to become a follower of your blog just to see what great feats you accomplish next!

  2. Thanks for following! I checked out your blog and remembered some of your signs from a link you must have posted on the Ana White FB page. Great stuff!

  3. Love the chair! Great work. Ana-White is AMAZING. (that drives me crazy about the wood fills too - different colors...)


  4. For whatever my 2 cents is actually did a FaBuLoUs job!I agree with the hubby, who cares if the pocket hole filler doesn't match! It looks awesome! Ana would be proud! I check her site every morning ehen I power up the laptop! My to do list keeps getting longer! ;-)
    Maybe you can just suggest that from now on the chairs are painted? Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. actually I love the pocket hole filler look!! you did a fantastic job..i love the contrast they have with the danish if i can just finish up my coffee table cart from pallet board and have it look as beautiful as your chair!!

  6. I love your chair!! I love it so much I want to make some to go with my farmhouse table! What measurements/boards did you use?

  7. HI! Ana has since post a very similar chair plan, I would work off of this plan but change the seat and back. I used 1x2's for the back and the seat part is made up of 1x4's.


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