Thursday, January 24, 2013

Top secret way to remove wallpaper!

I have a confession... when we moved into this house I was pregnant and thought I needed to paint every room in the house all at once. By the time I painted babies room I was worn out. So when the FUGLY wallpaper border that was up would not come down with a simple tear, I did what every smart lazy person would do and bought a new wallpaper border and hung it right over the old. And it worked wonderfully... until now. (BTW, I had no problems with this method. It hung well overtop the old and you could not tell. Just putting that out there incase yall are lazy smart like I was.) Now it is time to paint the room again and the border would no longer work. It had to go!

The funny thing is, I know a pretty awesome top secret way to remove wallpaper. Well maybe it is not super top secret since there are a few internet results for it... but hey, I thought it was a top secret secret. Wanna know???

Fabric softener!!!! That's right! Fabric softener, HOT water, a spray bottle, and a scraping tool. This time I simply used a spray bottle but in the past when whole rooms or ceilings (YES a ceiling, dumb. Never put wallpaper on a ceiling. This was NOT our doing, BTW) we used a new/clean garden sprayer.

So, want a quick rundown?? Get your super hot water and add a tablespoon or so of softener (if using a sprayer use 1/4-1/2 cup and see who well it works. You may want a tad more). Spray it on the paper pretty thoroughly. Usually you are going to have to take off two layers, the top patterned piece ad then the backing. So spray, let soak for a few moments, take off top layer. For the top layer you can usually remove it easily if you get a corner lifted. Just go slow. Then, spray again, let soak a while longer because the backing is the harder part to remove, and then use your scraper (I use a putty knife) to gently remove the paper.

3 hours later... I am ready for paint!!

Did you think I was working on my laundry room?? Me too!
This somehow does have something to do with that, I swear!

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