Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meet Monty...

Meet Monty, our newest family member. He joined us a few weeks ago and is growing FAST! After about a week of him wanting to live under the deck all the time, we decided we had better get on top of building him a home. He is nearly as big as our full grown cocker spaniel already and he'll be pushing 100lbs or more when he is full grown. This little guy will not be little for long.

So I pinned some dog houses and realized I had a theme going. I like a crooked dog house! They are so fun and whimsical, don't you think? And I knew I could not figure this one out on my own so I emailed my buddy Ana White  and she  already had something similar drawn up! It was meant to be!

The build: This was the most challenging thing I have ever built. Not hard, just challenging. I really had to use my thinker. But, in about 12 hours time, sometimes working with a helper, I had this beauty finished! The key to all the wonky angles is to mark mark mark your boards and keep them organized!!! Mark and Organize!! Got it?
Start with the frame cuts, which consists of 5 different boards. For me I like to get one cut figured out then use that board as my template for the remaining cuts. Then move on to the next size/cut. Once they are all cut, assembly is of each frame section is pretty simple, but grab a helper to help hold.

Next cut your plywood for the floor and attach. If you got through the first step okay then this one is easy peasy.

Now, Ana's plans say that if you'd like to you can add ridge poles between the trusses if you feel the doghouse needs the extra support. I did add these right after we attached the floor. It just helped to keep things square. I attached with pocket holes. At this time I also decided to add 2x2's to the floor between each section. This will help keep bedding in. Note: down the line you'll notice that the same gap between sections is at the top as well. For now I will keep that for ventilation in the summer months and when it is cold again I'll attach plywood in that area to keep it a little cozy (as well as some sort of door for the winter).
Next, add your 2x2 frame ends to the trusses. Then cut your side sections from the plywood and attach.

Now it's time for that big scary wonky cut for the front and back. But I promise it is not that bad! I just started measuring from the right corner (make sure it's square) and worked my way around. It took me about 20 minutes to get it all mapped out. Then cut it out with your circular saw and use that as your template for the other section. And attach!

After that you can cut and attach all of the trim. Then add the front and back overhang trusses. Now, I am not perfect and something got wonky along the way. I did not have room on the back for a 2x2 overhang truss. This was probably builder error. I went ahead and attached  1x2's instead.

And now it's time for the roof! Cut and attach your plywood. You can then paint it with a quality exterior paint or finish off the roof as desired. We went ahead and used shingles. Then it was time to introduce Monty to his new home.

And I have to show a shot that has our first born dog, Twinkles. We had to use her for bribery to get Monty inside. She approved.

So, who has a furry friend that needs a fun little house? DIY this Crooked Dog House! You won't regret it! Follow Ana's step by step plans and your pup will be home in no time.

Looking for a Monty update? See how our boy is growing here!


  1. Whitney the crooked little doghouse turned out sooooo cute!!! I love your suggestions to block between the trusses too - glad you could improve the plans! Thanks so much for working with me on this! Ana

  2. How cute! Love the little Monty sign too...great touch! You did a wonderful job.

  3. Saw this on Super cute. A local home has a large playhouse with the same design. Super cute idea to use it for a dog house....wonder if the hubby would let me build a crooked chicken "shack"!!

  4. Monty is one lucky fur baby to have such a great space to call his own. Now I need to make an air conditioned one for my Valentine....a St. Bernard Lund rescue in Arizona. Thanks to you and Ana for a great plan that's sized for the big boys.

  5. I love it! You did such a fabulous job, and I love your step by step details. Thanks!!

  6. ooh, this is so cute! I love it. I'm thinking of using your idea for a chicken coop-- on stilts, maybe. :)

  7. making our duck house using this perfect plan! thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.



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