Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My little bench...

When last I wrote I talked of a barn door project... well that did not turn out quite how I planned. I had hoped for a nice living room/coffee table piece. But in turn I decided that I don't have room in my living room for it. I did finish the project, well the build at least. I will wait for spring to prime and paint and then it will be going on our deck as a toy box/coffee table. So more to come on that... in about 3 month when it's not so stinking Ohio cold (although it is a balmy 28 right now)!

We also have had another round of sick. Seriously, it doesn't end, ever! The time it was my poor DH again. He had the flu. Like the real, doctor diagnosed, sick for over a week, coughing up a lung,  flu. He is finally back to work today. That is why I am here and finally have a moment to post what I completed last week.

My little bench...

Thanks again to my dear Ana White! A few weeks ago she posted a plan for the Farmhouse Bench! I just so happened to have all the wood for the build and quickly (read, over about two weeks time because I have a back issue that was really bad for a few weeks) got to work on the build. I scaled the size down to 4 foot so that it would fit perfectly under my dining room table. But once it was complete I realized that if the bench was all the way pushed in I didn't have room to push my other chairs all the way in. So after some moving around my little bench has found a home at my "island" (maybe I'll make a post about that sometime). It gives the little ones a place to set their bums and watch or help me cook. I hope to be able to sit there and learn to sew (my New Years Resolution). Thank you Ana... you are like my for-fake BFF... in my head... in all of our heads. Photo time :) !!!!

Working on assembly:

I painted the base and stained the top before I connected the two. Final product (note my attempted at distressing the top):

Thanks for looking! I'm not sure when I will be back. I have been taking it easy these days. I am nursing a bad back and planning for spring and our first veggie garden at this house (lots of work needs to be done... maybe a raised bed post in my future!). 

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  1. And I am sorry for the really crappy photos. I have new camera on order!


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