Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rack em up!

So while I am working on a VERY BIG PROJECT (really, it is THAT big so stay tuned!!), I'll make a post about the billiards rack I made for my husband for our 8th wedding anniversary.

We had partly DIY'd a pool table a few month prior (but that's a future post) so I thought this little guy would make a nice gift. I used all scrap pine with a few full sized 1x4's. I did not use any stain or sealer on this because I wanted to leave that choice up to my husband and so far it is still unfinished.

I find myself using random circular objects to aide in circle making. No shame... this one came fresh off my compost pail.

No photo of this but the next step is to use a hole saw to cut the openings for your cue sticks. The bottom of the cue stick shelves are notched out just the same as for the balls (described below).

Originally I wanted to put two drawers in the bottom center but I quickly realized that in order to do so I would have needed two things 1) more time and 2) a budget that exceeded $0 so that I could have used 1x6's for the framework.

Keep in mind, I had no plan and this was a total fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project. PLUS was done in about 2 days, during my babies 1 hour nap time. I did the cutting/sanding all on day one then hid it all in places my husband would not find. Then day two was assembly day. It was a great surprise.

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