Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Twin Bed Bandwagon

Hi guys! I am kind of between projects right now (plus I have a super busy month of May). So today I thought I'd would share the makings of a twin bed bench. These things are ALL OVER the internet. Can you believe this thing was almost headed for the burn pile?! The footboard was broken but had some salvageable pieces and that headboard just screamed "don't kill me!!!" I am pretty sure my dad thought I was a little crazy wanting to take this thing from him.
 Check out this photo that I labeled for y'all to see what's what. If you look close you can see I used pocket holes to join all my pieces. I used 2" outdoor Kreg screws.

The next job was to add a seat. I used a 1x4, then 1x12, then another 1x4. It overhangs slightly in the front so next time I do one I will probably use 1x3's in place of 1x4's. (Forgive the photos, one leg always looks out of square, GRRR! At least the legs kindly share which one gets to look wonky.)

After some sanding I used one coat of spray primer...

Then 2ish coats of indoor/outdoor high gloss spray paint. I don't normally spray paint my projects but I gotta say, it was great! I knew there was no other way to do paint this bench because of the spokes on the back. And another plus, I was able to do all of the painting in under two hours! Crazy fast! I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi-Purpose Paint Spray in Sun Yellow.

After the yellow cured for a bit I roughed up some edges. Anywhere I had spayed to close (aka drips) got a distressing. I maybe should have stopped there, but didn't. I watered down some black paint to do a sort of glazing/distress. Problem was, I didn't move it out of the sun and it dried almost the second it went on so I couldn't get as much wiped off as I needed. YIKES!  So I sanded some of that off too (the yellow layer was incredibly strong and held up really well to all the sanding).

There, pretty perfect! I loved the kinda dirty look. Since I knew it would be going into a flower bed by my barn and my kids would dirty it up, this finish was perfect! Now I don't have to worry about wear and tear... the more dirt the better.

Now PLEASE, don't judge me for this nasty area of my yard. It once was cute-ish but was neglected in the last year. But my husband and I have big plans to add a retaining wall and make it pretty once again. I'll update with more photo's then!

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  1. I think that perfect, little bench needs to come out of your garden and into my house! I love to see items repurposed. BTW, just found your blog and have read through it. You are so talented!

  2. NIIIICE!!!
    I love everything about it, from the headboard, to the construction, to the color, to the display at your shed/shop....


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