Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hey guys! Boy have I been busy! We had a birthday, a yard sale, two sick kids, and now two weeks of summer kid activities. Plus my husband and I have been doing A LOT of thinking. Thinking about moving... AGAIN! Our friends could tell you that we are movers. We move a lot! And our current home is the longest we have ever lived anywhere, a whopping 3 years! I've been scratching the new house itch for a while now and this week we came really close to jumping into listing our home. But, we stopped. We are going to give ourselves one more year to finish up projects like painting, carpeting, outdoor spaces, and cute-ing up our fugly garage (think 1970 paneling, gag!).

So, while all those things are cosmetics, this girl is thinking of ways to make my house more appealing to a buyer. And it starts with making it appear larger! Our house is only 1400 square feet. It works okay for us but I want to REALLY make sure it works for buyers. So after I finally finish painting my kitchen (which we started a minor cosmetic upgrade to 4 whole months ago!) I will be building a new dining room table that better suits that space. It needs to be much more narrow than my current oval shaped table.  Here are my inspiration photo's.

Take a look at this beauty from William-Sonoma. I drool EVERYTIME I look at it!

And these Restoration Hardware legs are pretty nice!!!

But check out these table tops!!!


Via Restoration Hardware

And once the table is all finished, I am really going to have to build this with the plans from Ana White.

I think I want mine to be taller though, like the one in the background of this photo.

Via Country Living

What do you guys think? Do you have any other inspiration photo's you'd like to share? Please do!! Look for more on this in about a month... after I finally get around to painting my kitchen. A new table sure is enough to get me inspired!

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  1. I spend sometime at your blog. Congratulations for the work and thanks for sharing. :)


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