Friday, June 29, 2012

Crazy Kitchen: Part One

Things I've learned.... blogging is really hard when you have three kids of your own plus one other that you babysit. When I do find time to sit down at my computer there is usually a child on my leg or toys piled in my lap and I am thinking about the fact that I have laundry that needs to be taken out of the washer. But for now I am just blogging for fun and to keep track of my little projects and home milestones, so no pressure.

Do you want to see a few pictures of our most recent home milestone? Meet the ceiling of "Crazy Kitchen". Labor-of-love! **Warning, forgive the variety of awfully lit pictures in all Crazy Kitchen posts. Thanks!**

 Two weekends before I had back surgery, way back in February, we I had this spur of the moment "Hey lets change our ceilings throughout half the house" moment. I had seen bead board ceilings all around internet land and without much research we headed out to the store and bought a ton of bead board panels to install the weekend before my surgery.

Then I researched. First thing I learned and realized once I actually thought about it... it was going to be H.A.R.D to get these panels on the ceiling! And the second thing I learned was that bead board panels are not even close to being fire retardant. So that put a halt to my plans because we intended to run the bead board throughout the entire kitchen and dining area plus the adjoining hallway. The dining area has a wood burning stove which meant no way was I putting bead board panels on my ceiling!

So plans changed and I researched scraping the popcorn (barf) off of the ceilings. We did a test spot and thought it should be pretty easy and planned to get to work ASAP.

Before icky-ness:

And after an HOUR of hard sweaty work:

We had gotten almost no where :(. Square one... what do we do??? Have an aha moment of course! We used this one big room like two rooms anyway, so why not make it more like two rooms? We could install a faux beam and divide off the kitchen area and still use the bead board panels to cover the giant mess we had just made!

We ended up installing the panels, a faux beam, and then trimming it all out to hide the seams and edges.

I will do a full detailed instruction in another post because it is going to be wordy. So stay tuned for that! If you have any questions in the mean time feel free to ask! And I hope you all have a happy and SAFE 4th of July Holiday!

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