Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mister Monty

Remember Monty and all of his adorable puppy-ness? And our DIY Crooked Doghouse?

Want to know a secret? Our little Monty puppy is not so little anymore. :( At five months old he weighs more than our almost 7 year old son!

And another secret.... he doesn't use his doghouse!!!! He still manages to somehow squeeze underneath the steps of our deck. The same steps seen here when he was all adorable and only about 8 weeks old. How does he do that?!? Lots of wiggling, that's how!

The only time he can been seen entering his doghouse is when is eating or on the rare occasion that we tie him up while the kids to play. So when I found him in his house the other day I had to snap these photos through the bathroom window. Aww.... he looked to comfy!
 Isn't he great?

It is almost September. So that means it is almost time to make sure his little house is ready for the winter. I'll be closing off the roof gaps, maybe adding insulation, putting on a door, and maybe even adding a little porch.  Brrrrr... wish I had not just thought about winter. YUCK!
Love him.

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