Thursday, October 4, 2012

But I say, "I like Autumn!"

I promised you some orange paint and here it is! And yes, this post title is a Barney reference.

I needed to add a cozy Autumnal feel for my front porch (or stoop as I call it, but then Ohioans don't know WTH I am talking about. So for the sake of knowing what I am talking about I will refer to my stoop as a porch.) Want the look? Here's what I did!
 You will need to find an old crate, or make one, or buy one at a craft store for under $10. Mine is unique because it has a cut out front. I picked it up at a second hand store. It was boring newish pine wood but I used a steel wool stain on it to give it a great worn look. Bam.. only paid $3!
Crate from Joanns would work great!

Next I pulled out some old 4x4 posts. These were leftovers from years ago when we installed our backyard fence. I mixed up some orange craft paint and applied a light coat. After it dried I sanded them pretty well and then I attached with glue some pieces of 2x2 pine that I also painted and sanded. I used black spray paint on the stems only because I did not have brown or tan. Those would obviously be better choices to look like a stem... but whatever I used black, sue me. I also applied a brown glaze, simply because I had it and I have been in a glaze mood lately. But you totally do not need to do this.
 Add some raffia for interest. You could also use green. I thought about it but I was lazy and did not feel like walking back inside. I guess maybe I am not lazy... I just only had about 5 minutes to set this up at 7:30 in the morning before my sitter kid got here... yup, sounds like a better excuse for laziness.   

Next I added a little sign that I had found at a dollar store for only $1! I was so excited that I bought all three styles but this pretty red one was my favorite.

What do you think?! Yes, my scarecrow man needs a new hat. But I am lazy busy, so he may just stay bald this year. I can't wait to get to a pumpkin patch and pick up some gourds! Some Indian corn would look so cute too!

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