Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shabby Chic Wreath

I am excited to share the wreath(s) I made this weekend. I have learned that what I do and don't like don't always matter. For example, I have been making OSU wreath and I can't stand them but football fans think they are great. So while I was working on this weekend's project I mumbled and grumbled the whole time. But once I hung it on my door I loved it! It is funny how the right place can make something great.

Here's my how to!
Get a wreath of some sort. This one came from the Dollar Tree (holla!) and is 9". Then tear up some wide strips of fabric. I used drop cloth material. Then wrap loosely around the wreath, hot gluing in place.

Next I took some brown burlap and wrapped it around part of the wreath. Tip: look over your wreath and cover the part you like the least or the part with the least character.

Here's another tip! When you are hot gluing things like burlap or lace your fingers will get nasty. Embrace it! All the layers of glue gunk help to keep your fingers from getting burnt.

I then wrapped some lace near the ends of the burlap. I found this on a spool, near the ribbon, at JoAnn's and it worked great for what I needed.

Then I made a few flowers. I played around with different flowers until I decided what would work. Your wreath may be different than mine, just go with the flow. I ended up using three rosettes made of corduroy and two roses made of lace.

Hang. Admire. Peel the hot glue off your fingers. Finished! I am excited to see where this little guy ends up. Since this wreath is on the smaller side it will work so well in many places around my house!

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