Thursday, March 21, 2013

Long story short...

So here we are... preparing to move! The last month has been insane! We decided to contact a realtor who in turn wanted to list our house ASAP. And (this never happens) we had a contract in one day! Yes, one day! Long story short, we thought we were going to be homeless but we have finally found our new home! We are thrilled to have found a house that only needs some cosmetic changes (that's my thing). I am going to get to have my own craft room!!! We are going to have a family room!!! There are some things I will miss about our current home, like my giant soaking tub and my adorable laundry room  and my spacious kitchen. But I have high hopes that in due time our new house will be everything we have always wanted.

So stay tuned. I will be quite for the next month or so while we finish all this stuff. Then it's on! I look forward to spending all summer outside cleaning up the property... who knows what I might get into or discover!

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