Monday, April 15, 2013

Decisions... CHECK!

As is probably quite obvious, I have gone back and forth A LOT on just what I want to do with myself in regards to "an internet presence". The time I have taken off from blogging during our sale and move, has given me lot of perspective. And I have decided that I get pretty annoyed by about 80% of the bloggers out there (I know, hate me, don't care). I can't stand shameless self promotion and from my point of view I feel like that has recently EXPLODED with the aid of Pinterest. Don't get me wrong. I love Pinterest. It is a great place to give and get ideas and I do love each and every new follower I get. But I am not going to go out of my way to try to get people to follow me. I am not going to go out of my way to pin things from posts made years or months ago. I am not going to spend an hour making an eye catching graphic in the hopes that people will click on it and magically come to my blog. Yup... I just don't care.

I am going to post when I want to and I am not going to care whether or not the content is going to be read and by whom and how many shares and likes and clicks it generates. Feels good!

This all pretty much applies to Facebook as well. I love Facebook and I love sharing but why should I when there are 1,000,000 other people out there who are flooding your news feed trying to get you to read their blog??? Nope, done. Don't care. Feels good!!

 So what does this mean? It means I am giving myself more time! A lot more time!! Time that I can use to cook and clean and create and even PLAY!!! I have always done a really good job of not taking my focus off my first and more important job... being Mommy to three great little guys. And that focus is going to remain #1. I also plan to focus on local sales. More craft shows, more markets, and more going out locally and finding places to sell. I want to get my hands dirty and create more. More painting, more building, more repurposing, more junking. Feels good!!!

 I may be changing up my Facebook page a bit to turn it into more of a local shop type thing but I may not. Now, feel free to not PIN this as I just gave myself the liberty of including ZERO images in this post which freed up a minimum of 20 minutes. And that feels good.
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  1. I applaud your new perspective. Your little guys needs for their mommy out weigh all the likes and shares you could ever get. Great decision!


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