Monday, December 3, 2012

Operation: The Family Table

Onward and upward. This morning I was literally moments away from making this post when I got this email and my little mommy blog came crumbling down around me. BUT I won't let it get me down. I am on a mission and hope that if you are reading this that you too will consider joining this mission. And bless you if you do.

On November 30th, a local Mount Gilead, Ohio family lost their home to a fire. A complete and total loss, including their two dogs. It is not an exaggeration to say that the mom of this family of four has the kindest soul and brightest spirit of anyone you could meet. In the days following I searched for a way to help them. I did not take long to realize that I might not be able to help much financially, but what I can do is use my talents to do a tiny part in putting a home back together again.

As a mom I know how important it is to spend time at the end of each day with your family. A time to share funny stories, accomplishments, and even defeats. A time to bond as a family and strengthen a parents relationship with their children. And for most families, this happens around a dining room table.

It is my goal and mission to help the Keen Family by building a dining room table for them. But I can't do it alone. I need your help. Any amount that can be donated toward this cause is a true blessing, even if it is just a few dollars. Should we be so blessed to receive donations in excess of the cost of building a table, 100% of the money would go to the family and/or toward build them more furniture if time permits. Things like benches and/or chairs, beds for the children, maybe even a few special home decor items.

To donate, use this PayPal link. You may then use your PayPal account to transfer any dollar amount to mine, At this time, this PayPal account is solely for the purpose of accepting donations.  If you are local and would like to donate cash or check please email or send a message on Facebook,

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