Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Out 2013 In

Goodbye 2012. Like all years, there were ups and downs. I spent the first several months unable to build anything, boo. Which really ended up being okay as it got me in touch my inner crafty self during the time I was away from my saw.

Here is a quick recap of what you loved this year... 
My little decoupage how-to that kinda took over. By far the biggest Pinterest traffic source.

Two Ana White projects... the oh so cute chicken coop and my little Monty dog's home.

And quickly climbing up the charts is my airplane swing tutorial.

So what is my personal favorite thing of the year?
Probably this dresser makeover... HUGE change!

One of my favorite unblogged things of the year is this cute little sign someone ordered. It reads: With my whole heart for my whole life. So sweet.

Things that changed in 2012:
In 2011 I had done mostly furniture work (for myself and others). 2012 brought mostly custom craft orders along with me going out on a limb by selling at a few craft shows. 2012 is also the year that I got back in touch with my little blog... making more than one post every few months to a year.

Things I hope and plan for in 2013 (shall we call them goals?):
I would love to do a major blog redo... when I find the time and the funds. We'll see. I do kind of like that I am just this one little mom doing my thing as I please... if I try to make it more legit then would that add too much pressure?
If I do a new webpage... maybe add a SHOP section??? I don't really see myself going back to Etsy. I love Etsy, but I just feel it may be not my niche. I would love to focus more on local sales plus craft shows. I LOVE doing custom crafts (like these baby blocks) and LOVE LOVE doing reuse's (like this twin bed turned bench), and redo's. Who knows, maybe I will become the local source for awesome airplane swings ;)
No matter what I do or where I go... 2013 MUST include better organization! I have no clue what all I made for who this year or how much money was made or lost (okay I doubt I lost money, but I may have just broke even... I buy a lot of crap). So some excel sheets are in my future.
I also still have a dream of selling our house and moving to a place where I can have much more craft/building space. I REALLY need a workshop! So if we actually do take that plunge I am sure there will be some posts about that; prepping a home for sale, staging, painting, packing, moving, & starting from square one!  
Looking forward to 2013! 

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