Friday, January 18, 2013

The laundry room makeover- Part 1

The time has come! After over 3 years of owning this home and loathing the nasty MDF that is my laundry room... I am FINALLY taking a hammer to it! To show you just how AWFUL my laundry room is I made a very real video... no cleaning before... just real life. Take a look...

RIGHT?! EWW! Can we say catch all? Coats, backpacks, shoes, dog food, light bulbs, glue, party supplies, too many crock pots, AND my laundry supplies... OY! Can you understand why I have put this off? Pain!

My vision I always hoped for was to install lots of cabinets BUT our budget is tiny and so is the room. I kinda feel like cabinets might weigh down the space anyway. So we started pricing shelving. I knew from the get go I would not even consider wire shelves. I find them dumb. They make things wobbly, things fall through, and they ugly! So melamine or wood it is.

For $15+/- per shelf I could do white melamine... easy install, easy clean. Problem... the quality is questionable that I have seen. So why not use regular lumber I thought... well... cause then I would have to paint it and they would take sooooo much time... OR I could stain it! Google... no images of stained laundry room shelving... really? Hmm... I Don't see why it can't work. And then I thought about how these thin 3/4" boards don't really do it for me so could I just use 2x12's??? Why the hell not!

So on to the PLAN! 
*Remove current shelves
*Patch/repair drywall
*Finish bead board ceiling (fill holes, sand, paint, trim it all out)
*Paint walls (leaning toward Realist Beige from Sherwin Williams, color matched at Lowes)
*Install new flooring
*Install new baseboard and door casing
*Install new shelves on one wall (stained Ebony 2x12 boards, with Hobby Lobby brackets for support... love them!)
*Recover Ironing board in a pretty print and hang it on the wall as art (cause I rarely iron)
*Make a curtain to cover shelving if it looks to cluttered
*Install new wall hooks for coat and backpack storage, using 1x4 lumber and Hobby Lobby hooks

And we start this weekend!!!
You can check out all my random laundry room thoughts right here!

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