Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The laundry room makeover- Part 2 (gut, paint, floor)

When I last mentioned the laundry room update we were prepping to tear out and start painting and that's just what we did!

Here you can see how simply removing the nasty shelves helped so much! (Hubby had already removed one wall of shelves in the first picture).

Just getting them down REALLY opened up the space!
Then I painted using Olympic One paint and primer in one from Lowes that I color matched using Sherwin Williams Popular Gray. The paint had really great coverage and only needed a second coat in a few spots.
This seems to be my only photo and a crappy one at that... whoops.
Sorry Husband, tried to crop you out. :)

We are going to end up using this color in three rooms and in all three rooms the color looks slightly different. I am excited to see all of that finished too!

The next weekend it was flooring time...

It went in pretty easy. Flooring is Trafficmaster Allure from Home Depot. It really is an easy product to use. The only hard part was working around the doorway which took me 40 minutes! Yikes! But we had the whole floor finished in about 4 hours!! For the crawlspace access we are gluing down the floor and using a trap door handle from Lowes and adding trim around the perimeter.

And now it's Friday again. And that means another work weekend is here! Next post will be about finishing touches; molding (you can already see the base molding in these pics), shelves, and the great light fixture I found at a bargain price! Fingers are crossed that this will be a completed project by Sunday night!

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