Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wallpaper!! Yes, I said wallpaper!

This weekend we spent a few hours applying a beautiful graphic print wallpaper to one wall in our bathroom. What's that? You didn't know that wallpaper is trendy again? Check it out here at it can be super awesome when used just right. BUT it is hard to find an affordable and pretty print.
Here is how our's turned out... Bathroom Wallpaper Before and After

The room is hard to photograph so I made a video that shows you the space and discusses why I wanted to paper this wall.

The paper I used is allen + roth Spanish Tile Wallpaper from Lowes. It is a bargain, priced at only $20.98!! The color is not what it looks like online. It is more beige in person. I had looked at it in person before I decided to use it. And yes, I loved it and it works great with my blue bathroom walls.

So have you never wallpapered? Let me first warn you that there is something about wallpaper that makes husbands stupid. No matter how great your relationship is (hi honey, I love you) you will want to punch them during a project like this. I swear... next time I am calling my mom to help and my husband agrees. So, use this informative video from Lowes for all the how too info (it is a little overkill at times but still very helpful for a newbie). And take some patience pills or call your mom to help.

Here is a quickie of how I did mine...

I found my center mark. I ultimately decided that I don't want a seam in between my mirrors (because no matter what you almost always can see the seam) so I marked more plumb lines by measuring half the width of the paper, to the left and the right of my center line. This kept most of my seams behind the mirrors.
With the light fixture down and the power off I hung the first piece and cut around the light box. Smooth it all out. Bam. So on and so forth.

Whitney's Workshop Bathroom Wallpaper Whitney's Workshop Bathroom Wallpaper

This project really did not take long to do, makes a big impact, and was cheap! I am so glad I did this. I would love to use a grass cloth on the bottom of my hallway but don't want to go overkill with the papers. But I might use this same print in my laundry room makeover that is coming up soon!
Whitney's Workshop Bathroom Wallpaper

What do you think? Is wallpaper okay or still the devil? :)


  1. If you have only one mirror should the seam be in the middle of the mirror or should you leave it to be random. Where ever it falls from where you start?

    1. I would put the seem behind the mirror. :)


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