Monday, July 30, 2012

Toy Chest

A few weeks ago my aunt asked if I could make her a toy chest. Always wanting to try something at least once, I said yes. I had several different challenges, mostly with building materials. I ended up deciding to make panels for all four sides using 1x12 and 1x4 pine boards. The image I had used as inspiration used plywood but in the end I think the way I did it has a lovely result.

By the time this little toy chest was ready for finishing I had said more than a few curse words (maybe I should have found a plan) and I had mumbled many times about never doing one again. But as soon as I started to stain I fell in love.  A lot of people find the finish work daunting, but for me it's the best part. It's when all the hours of cutting and sanding and assembly become a beautiful finished product built  with my own two hands. And with each layer of stain and poly all those mumbles and curses go away.

For those of you who may wonder, the finish is two coats of Rustoleum Kona Stain and 2 coats of polyurethane. The final size is about 16" deep x 33" wide and 20.5" tall. Inside there is a little over 4 cubic feet of usable space. While photographing this in my kitchen I could not help but think about how great something like this would be as a bench at my table. It could be great for storing linens or other kitchen items.

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